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This is the page where we like to show off all your hard work and creativity.  These pieces have all been stitched by you and deserve recognition.  So check them out and enjoy!

Pampered Piggy

Marylouise just finished our Priscilla and what a great interpretation this is. I can’t express how much I love seeing the stitchers vision for a piece. She even had a frame hand painted for Priscilla. Now that’s one spoiled piggy!

Chocolate Lab stitched by Linda M

As the saying goes let sleeping dogs lay.  Our Chocolate Lab was inspired by Chuckie the Chocolate Lab who happens to be Linda's grand-puppy.  She stitched him for his mom Amy.  This is the first one I've seen stitched and I LOVE it! 

Lizzie Witch stitched by Sherry V. 

Bubble bubble toil and trouble...check out the awesome job Sherry did on our LIzzie.  Isn't the background stitch she chose perfect?!  I think this is one that should be exhibited at Woodlawn next year!

Chimney Santa by Heidi K.

Heidi ended up doing double duty as both the stitcher and finisher of this ornament for one of her grandchildren.  Check out the variegated red used on the hat. Love it!! 

Here Comes Santa Claus

Here is Cindy H's vision for the checkerboard border Santa.  She was able to find holly leaf and berry buttons at a local craft store that added just a touch of glitz to the piece.  The frame is a rustic red with a hunter green insert.  

Shamrock by Cathryn C.

Well the luck of the Irish is certainly upon Cathryn after stitching this shamrock.  She had it finished at her local shop.  Doesn't it look fabulous??

If you find me....return me to the sea

Another finish by Cindy H.  This shadow mermaid features shells she picked up walking the Jersey shore with her poodle.  I love the effect of the Bargello background done in 2 different threads.  Cindy pointed out that the top mat is a rough fabric like burlap that has the effect of sand in person.  Well done!

Mint Ornament by Heidi K.

Another excellent ornament from Heidi who not only stitched but also finished it herself.  Isn't it fabulous?!

Dolce Bunny by Cindy H.

Dolce Bunny was stitched by Cindy H.  He made an appearance at Woodlawn where he was awarded a first place ribbon.  Don't you just love that face?  It's like he's saying "Mmmmm chocolate!"

Claddagh by Cathryn C. 

Here's another beautiful finish for Cathryn.  This was finished at her local shop.  Check out the heart!  Beautiful!

Clawed Crab by Jane H.

Jane H stitched Clawed and had him finished through her local needlepoint shop.  I love the finishing on his border!

Miles G. Obble stitched by Sherry V.

Here is Sherry's vision for Miles.  His background is spectacular!   Miles is just the perfect addition to anyone's Thanksgiving decorations.  Hey, if he had his way he'd pull up a chair at the table and dig right into the stuffing!   

Harvest Moon by Marion R.

When the moon is full and bright,  shining down it's eerie light.  That's when witches fly on their broom, casting spells to seal your doom.  Marion stitched our haunted moon and finished it into a pillow.  I love the over dye for the ground, it looks like wisps of fog covering it.

Olivia Octopus by Jane H.

Here is another fabulous finish by Jane H.  It makes me think of a quote by Drew Barrymore that I read.  "Oh, I love hugging. I wish I was an octopus, so I could hug 10 people at a time!"  I think Olivia seconds that sentiment!

Merry Christmas Gnome stitched by Sherry V.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and so much more. How great did this little guy turn out?  I especially love his beard.  It makes me want to grab a cup of cocoa and start singing carols or decorating the house.

Miles G. Obble stitched by Cindy H.

Let's talk turkey here.  Miles is the best when it comes to cleaning up stash.  Those tail feathers don't require too much thread so hit the stash for him.  That's what Cindy did when she worked on him.  The framing was done by her local Michael's Arts and Crafts store.

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